AU: You and Calum had been together since you were practically children, save for when he spent the occasional month or two locked-up. It wouldn’t matter though, because you’d soon be able to bribe and con your way out of any trouble you ran into. Unfortunately in the midst of the grand theft auto that was set to get you two rich and off the grid, you were hit off the road by one of your own crew members. Calum, despite his friend Michael’s pleads, went back for you and was arrested on the spot. He spent two years in a cell going over and over the moment he lost you, even going to the extent of scribbling the whole plan out on a wall for the entire detention center to see. Immediately after being released he calls up Michael to start planning his revenge, as well as inviting a few old friends (including a professional hustler by the name of Ashton and a talented shooter called Luke) along for the ride.

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its okay cause i know youll bail me out of border security <33333333

'mom can you drive me to buffalo i need to bail my friend out of border jail'


5SOS AUYou’re a famous author and your boyfriend Michael is your biggest fan. (gif credit x)

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i remember when i was in second grade and i saw my sister kiss her female friend on the cheek and i was totally floored because i didn’t know two girls could kiss each other and i went to school and told my friends and we all started kissing each other and i basically started a lesbian uprising



AU: Your days as a lower-middle class University student are put to an end when you meet Luke. He takes an immediate liking to you and you’re soon dragged head-first into the danger of his lifestyle. You discover that him and his frat brothers are not just burnouts that are failing most of their classes, but also young yet highly-skilled con-artists. The ever charming, Ashton taking the role as the leader and muscle on occasion. Calum, the kid who spent most of his childhood in juvie for hot-wiring cars, assuming the position as the get-away driver, or the “transporter” as he likes to be referred to as. Michael, the part-time art major and full-time video game addict, playing the part as the locksmith and mastermind. Luke, a guy with too much angst and height for anyone’s liking, taking up the job as the shooter and runner. And finally, you, now in charge of being the decoy and siren.

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this is hella cute


who wants to hire me as their maid i’m not gonna clean im just gonna wear a cute maid outfit dust like 6 things and bend down a lot

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ill sneak into the border dressed up as a moose delivering a special order of maple syrup (I HAD TO DO THE THING I COULDNT HELP IT)